We decode the social effects of media to put their power to good use.

Welcome to Harmony


Strengthening civil discourse, civic engagement and democracy.


Harmony Labs is tackling one of the great persistent problems in communications— understanding new media dynamics at scale—so that we can put them to work to strengthen democracy. Specifically, we seek to decrease polarization and vulnerability to manipulation, and increase civil exchange and civic engagement.

Our accelerator provides capital, mentorship, community and other resources to talented individuals and early-stage companies that are building the technology to understand and leverage the new media dynamics.

Our creative studio is where media makers, publishers, tech companies, advocacy groups, researchers and others unite to use the data and tech from our accelerator to experiment against tough, shared challenges, like filter bubbles, optimizing content to cross partisan divides, or detecting persuasion online.

How can media elevate public discourse?


How can media burst the carbon bubble?


How can media supercharge a social movement?